Top Four Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

Today we talking about benefits of reading. Now of course there are some of the obvious ones reading can actually help become a better writer. As you continue to pick through what makes certain books work well or not work so well.

Reading can also help to get more knowledge particularly if reading is nonfiction. But fiction does have its merits as well in that area and reading has even shows to improve memory. Because having to remember characters, their backgrounds, Ambitions, histories, and nuances. And various arcs and subplots throughout the entire story.

And without further ado let’s get started. One benefit of reading is that reading can make us more empathetic. Reading can increase your emotional intelligence. This is understandable because fiction puts so much focus on the characters’ emotional states. It does a great job of helping the readers understand what the other characters are thinking and feeling at any given time. Imagination could be helpful since it trains ability to read and understand the people around us. Which seems to become more and more important by the day.

A second benefit of reading is that reading can help fight off Alzheimer’s disease. This is because reading puts your brain to work. Regularly engage mind through meditation and reading can minimize 2.5 times less to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

A third benefit of reading is that reading before bed can not only help you get to sleep but also get a better night’s sleep. Because creating a bedtime ritual signals to your body that it’s time to start winding down. And Studies have shown that reading can help you relax more than zoning out in front of a screen watching Netflix. In fact, sitting in front of a screen or an e-reader or a tablet has actually keep awake longer. And might even hurt the quality of sleep.

A finally a fourth benefit to reading is that it can help you to help yourself. After all that’s the reason that self-help books exist. Everyone know that in today’s culture, at least American culture, self-help books are kind of looked down on. There’s certainly a legitimate reason for that, not all the books are good. In fact the majority of them are mostly padding, offering no real quote-unquote new information for the reader.

Little bit of a problem with that particular argument even though there is truth to it because what’s common sense to one person may not be to another person. All depends on what experiences we’ve had in our lives and how we view the world. It is a big reason why book summaries on this channel. When a book that has good information but a bit too much padding then summarize it. And giving the ideas that feel are good and cutting out the rest. However reading the right book at the right time can work wonders for us.

An example for me would be the sociopath next door book that I summarized earlier on this channel. It really helped me understand a lot of what I went through in an earlier relationship in my life and work through the scars that we’re still there. It was a very therapeutic experience at least for me it may have been completely different for someone else to read the book. And those were four benefits of reading.