Top 6 Coimbatore tourist places

After Post-independence, India has built its own Manhattan which is the city of dreams, Mumbai. And it has its own Silicon Valley, Bengaluru But do you know that India has its own Manchester as well? Yes!Welcome to South India to very own Manchester, Coimbatore

Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar

First, Start with our first Coimbatore tourist place to visit. Any talk about food in Kovai is incomplete without Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar. Additionally, more than 16 outlets throughout the city. Secondly, this place serves the most delicious Roasts or Dosas and Idlis. The Sambhar here is yummy. This place surely enjoyable. In other hand, We can say that foody lover will satisfy their hunger with delicious taste.

Isha foundation

Second one Coimbatore tourist place is Isha foundation. Come here to visit Isha foundation. This is one place which offers a variety of programs in meditation and yoga to anyone, who wish to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being. Located some 30 KMS from Coimbatore Isha is home to a huge 112 feet Shiva statue -fondly referred to as Adiyogi. This declared the world’s largest bust by Guinness book of world records. As Isha Foundation’s slogan says It helps people to deepen their experience of life and reach their ultimate potential. Some 30 KMS from Coimbatore is Mettupalayam train station. This station is home to the Nilgiri Mountain railway. The only steam engine train and it goes to the famous hill station Oooty. This journey is most sought after by tourist. In addition,This is the only rack railway present in India.

Gedee Car Museum,

If you love automobiles you would love car museum which is best coimbatore tourist place to visit. Not only does it have an international standard car museum but it also has amazing race tracks as well!! It’s here at Gedee Car Museum, where we can go in the past and see the best four-wheel wonders of the world till now.

The museum is a delight to the eyes and the mind! See the innovations and transformations that the cars went from being simple machines to the most technologically advanced. This museum tries to give as much information as in necessary to highlight the innovators behind the marvels. This museum is a must visit place for all your car enthusiast! When the race is on, Coimbatore is not at all lagging behind. It’s where you see track racing being taken so seriously. In other hand, they train young riders and develops them as competitive racing riders over time.

St.Michael’s Cathedral church

There are various religious landmarks in the city that makes Coimbatore a symbol of communal harmony! This is St.Michael’s Cathedral church. Visit the adoration chapel that is open throughout the day and experience the calmness and beauty of this place.

Athar jamath Majeed

One of the oldest and biggest masjid in Coimbatore. The Athar jamath Majeed which is most attractive Coimbatore tourist place. It is a living testimony of a city’s history. One of the most worshiped Islamic dargahs with approximately 2000 worshippers assembles for the Friday prayers. 

Perur Temple

Coimbatore tourist places

One of the religious Coimbatore tourist place is Perur Temple. Especially,this hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the western part of Coimbatore. The temple has colorful columns and any visit to Coimbatore is incomplete without visiting Perur. Moreover Shiva performed Ananda Thandavam is this temple.